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I injured my shoulder years ago. That, along with arthritic changes to the shoulder joint, has left me with a painful ache and a limited range of motion. I began acupuncture treatments with Volodar and noticed immediate improvement - the constant ache has gone away and I am able to lift my arm without pain over my head. I can hold the hair dryer and enjoy yoga again.

Karen G, age 67


My 11 year old daughter has been struggling with digestive issues for as long as I can remember. She has had terrible abdominal pains and nausea for many years and missed a ton of school as a result. After her pediatrician, allergist and gastroenterologist were unable to find a cause I looked to Volodar for help. After her first session she noticed a marked difference in comfort. Several sessions later, she was completely out of pain and nausea. It was truly amazing.

Christy C


The first day I went to Volodar I had relief from my pain. It felt so good, not to feel so much pain! I felt like I was floating! I was lighter on my feet, had more energy and after a few more sessions slept better as well.

Linda C.


The cupping/acupuncture treatment has left me able to exercise outdoors with my cycling and hiking without the usual symptoms appearing.

Janet P.


I could immediately tell my state of mind (along with my body) was being restored. I felt a spark in myself that had been absent for a long time.... I feel energetic, enlightened and content. My physical ailments have dramatically improved or disappeared all together.

Laura N.


Volodar Kuzyk is very knowledgeable and skillful at his profession and explains very carefully what he is doing and how it should make you feel and progress.

Brian M.


For the past 12 years I was awakened by my bladder as many as 6 times during the night. After a few visits I realized I was not getting up for the bathroom during the night.

Vicki A.


Due to a fall in the summer, I was forced to give up outrigger paddling for the balance of the season and was also experiencing motion limitation and a general reduction in day to day functions. After four visits to Volodar, where I received a combination of acupuncture, moxibustion, and cupping, my range of motion is vastly improved and my pain level is near zero. I can ride my bike and lift weights.

Carla B


Not only did I learn to relax and let the healing process begin with every deep breath, my skin cleared up to a healthy glow...

Linda G.


My daughter 14 years old moved out with her dad. I was devastated and fell into deep depression. I was taking 50mg. of Prozac and got to the point where all I would do is sleep and cry ... I've had three sessions and I haven't cried ever since the first session. I am feeling 80% better...

Betty C.


It has been over ten years to find some one to help me with my back troubles. I take my hat off to Mr. Kuzyk. I can sit for a while and read with no pain. There are many different things I can do now like putting my shoes on with no pain. Thank you again.

Edgar L.


After only 2 sessions with Volodar my nausea disappeared. He provides a whole body and mind healing.

Steve C.


One day I came to Volodar's office and asked "Is it possible that acupuncture can make colors look brighter?" They really are looking brighter to me; the sky was a brighter blue, the greens more beautiful and the fall leaves more colorful. I really think it is because my outlook on life got brighter! I am also sleeping better than I can ever remember sleeping.

Linda C.


"I just called to tell Volodar thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel so much better! He's like my little life-saver!"

Phone call from patient after her treatment

Testimonials - Kuzyk Healing Arts in Sandpoint, Idaho

AaTestimonials - Kuzyk Healing Arts in Sandpoint, Idaho

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