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Distance BodyTalk Sessions

Distance BT Sessions are a very common and highly effective way to receive BodyTalk. A Distance BT Session is basically the same as an in-person session. It is usually facilitated over the phone, or video conference such as Zoom. In some instances where clients live in a different time zone to the practitioner, the CBP (Certified BodyTalk Practitioner) may conduct the session and send the notes or audio recording directly to the client. 

What does a Distance BodyTalk Session Look Like? What Happens?

Same as in-person Session, the CBP will usually begin by asking about your health & wellness history, as well as your major complaints. Then they will go through the process of determining the priority formulas for the particular session. It is important to make yourself as comfortable and relaxed as possible; and to close your eyes & relax your breathing to facilitate the optimal outcome for your session. Using earbuds or headphones can greatly enhance this process by shutting out external distractions. 

Your CBP will give you instructions when to gently tap your head, sternum and navel area to facilitate subtle energetic shifts. 

During the session, your CBP will most likely use their MindScape workshop skills to focus on your BodyMind. They will "ask" your BodyMind which areas are a priority to be addressed and which techniques to use. They may ask you to participate by contacting certain areas of your body, while tapping head, sternum and navel area. This continues until your body indicates it is time to end the session. 

How does a Distance BodyTalk Session work?

In the age of wireless technology in the form of emails, phone calls, internet; we could say that everything is transmitted via energy. In BodyTalk we say that everything is consciousness. When you deconstruct anything physical, you end up with molecules, atoms, subatomic particles & ultimately, frequencies of energy. Every thing and every person has a unique frequency the same as every radio or television station has its own unique frequency. Using their MindScape skills & training, the CBP is then able to "tune in" to your unique energy frequency, access the information necessary to conduct your BodyTalk session & facilitate healing. 

Are Distance BodyTalk Sessions effective?

In short, Yes! Both clinical experience & client feedback have shown that distance BodyTalk sessions can be just as effective as in-person sessions. In addition, a peer-reviewed research study focusing specifically on Distance BodyTalk sessions was published in the Journal of Pain Management demonstrating the effectiveness of distance BodyTalk in helping people suffering from Chronic Pain, depression and Anxiety. CBP's & their clients have observed noticeable improvements in all aspects of Health - Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual - using distance BT sessions. 

Do I need to Believe in BodyTalk or Distance Sessions for them to Work?

You do not need to believe in distance BodyTalk sessions for them to work. However, believing in them & keeping an open mind can be helpful to your healing experience. Think of your mind as a receiving station for information. If your mind is closed, resistant or highly doubtful, it will be less receptive to the energy of the session. But if you keep an open mind & acknowledge that anything is possible - because after all, we are constantly discovering, evolving & revising our understanding of how the world works - then your mind will be more receptive to the session and therefore more likely to experience the benefits. 

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