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What is BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is a revolutionary, scientifically proven integrative Healthcare System that utilizes state-of-the-art Mind-Body Medicine. By brilliantly blending cutting edge research in Sciences such as Quantum Physics and Epigenetics; with Ancient & Modern Healing Modalities such as Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, Yogic & Meditation Philosophy, Applied Kinesiology and Energy Psychology, BodyTalk works to facilitate and allow optimization in the body's internal communication systems. BodyTalk is rapidly growing in popularity all over the world. 

The result is a simple yet highly effective, non-invasive holistic approach to healing that allows the body's natural communication systems to be reconnected and operating optimally - thus establishing a balanced dynamic system for the body to defend against illness, recover at a more rapid rate, and easily adapt to life's physical, emotional and mental challenges. By using a technique called Neuromuscular Biofeedback, a BodyTalk practitioner facilitates communication with the Innate Wisdom to identify and balance priority issues across a client's physical, emotional, mental and energetic levels of health. BodyTalk takes into account the clients' "whole life narrative" - every laugh line, wrinkle, injury and scar tells its' own unique story that may be tied or linked to various organs, endocrines, body parts or energies. The practitioner then holds the areas that have been highlighted by the testing procedure and lightly taps on the head, the sternum and the abdomen to allow and facilitate healthy communication to be re-established within the Body-Mind Complex.

BodyTalk Sessions are designed to make you feel safe, relaxed and comfortable. A session typically lasts anywhere from 20-45mins. 

It is not often that Obama, the former leader of the free world and Oprah, one of the most powerful entertainment moguls are rumored to rave about receiving the relatively new and unique form of therapy called BodyTalk.

Can BodyTalk help me?

BodyTalk is astonishingly simple, yet effective and fast acting. It can help support your ability to resolve a wide array of conditions including but not limited to:

* Allergies and Sensitivities

* Digestive Disorders - colitis, chrohn's disease, acid reflux, bloating, constipation

* Emotional Health - depression, anxiety, stress, fears & phobias

* Injury Rehabilitation

* Immune Support

* Chronic pain & inflammation

* Chronic fatigue & low energy

* Headaches

* Sleep Issues 

* Difficulty breathing

* Hormonal Imbalances

* Environmental Imbalances

Key Principles of BodyTalk

BodyTalk is based on 3 key principles:

1. The Body has the Innate Wisdom or "inborn intelligence" to heal itself on all levels once communication between systems is re-established

2. Stress hinders optimal function and disrupts the natural Healing Process - when an individual experiences ongoing stress, it can overload the energetic circuits causing a compromised, weakened system

3. Every single cell, stop and system within the BodyMind Complex is in constant communication with each other at all times. Thus when communication is established between all systems, healing will naturally occur.


BodyTalk - Kuzyk Healing Arts in Sandpoint, Idaho

Volodar & Anne Kuzyk offers Acupuncture in Sandpoint, Idaho

AaBodyTalk - Kuzyk Healing Arts in Sandpoint, Idaho

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Volodar & Anne Kuzyk offers Acupuncture in Sandpoint, Idaho