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Anne Kuzyk

My journey into Holistic Healing began in the early 90's when I was diagnosed with an overactive Thyroid condition after a trip to Southeast Asia, during which I had been prescribed two different types of Malaria medication by my MD. By day 2 on this medication, I had such severe tachycardia (elevated heart rate - mine was over 200bpm) that I could not sleep at all, and lost weight at an exponential rate. By the time I came home from my 3 week trip, I was skin and bones and could not sleep. I had no energy. I was in my early 20's, had just graduated from college, always been healthy and was now diagnosed with Hyperthyroid and told to take thyroid medication for the rest of my life. This did not feel right to me and I proceeded to visit every Holistic Practitioner in my town. Finally I sought out Acupuncture. I was extremely needle phobic, so it was literally my very last resort. Within a day of my first Acupuncture treatment I started sleeping through the night; within a week my heart rate slowed down and I started to gain weight. After 2 weeks my Thyroid blood panel came back normal! I was fully "sold" and knew that this was what I wanted to study!

I graduated from Samra University in Los Angeles in 1999 with a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine and have been a licensed Acupuncturist for over 20 years. Since then I have studied and practiced many different Holistic Modalities including NAET, the internationally known allergy elimination technique, Esoteric Acupuncture, Theta Healing, Reconnective Healing, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. During my time of raising my 4 amazing kids, I also trained as a Birth Doula and taught Pregnancy and Mommy & Me Yoga. 

Over the past few years, I have studied the consciousness based Energy Medicine System of BodyTalk and I am a certified practitioner with the International BodyTalk Association. Utilizing the comprehensive framework of BodyTalk has allowed me to integrate and synthesize all the Healing Modalities I have studied over the years. BodyTalk aims to locate the specific "priorities" presenting in the Body/Mind, which then reveals a certain formulaeto be highlighted and balanced during a session. The Body-Mind's Innate Wisdom the takes over to facitlitate healing to re-establish communication systems in the Body-Mind Complex.

I met my husband Volodar at one of the State Board Acupuncture Exams in Los Angeles in 1999. We were married 8 months later and has 4 amazingly beautiful children over the next 4 years. Our number 3 baby was twins! For years, I was primarily focused on being an awesome mom and I have thoroughly integrated all the heart centered experiences that come with Motherhood, while continuously expanding my knowledge and experience as a healer. 

Anne Kuzyk - Kuzyk Healing Arts in Sandpoint, Idaho

Volodar & Anne Kuzyk offers Acupuncture in Sandpoint, Idaho

AaAnne Kuzyk - Kuzyk Healing Arts in Sandpoint, Idaho

Volodar Kuzyk M.S, L.Ac.
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Volodar & Anne Kuzyk offers Acupuncture in Sandpoint, Idaho