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5 Ways to Help Transform Stress & Anxiety during these Challenging Times

by Anne R. Kuzyk L.Ac.MSc.OM

5 Ways to Help Transform Stress & Anxiety during these Challenging Times, Kuzyk Healing Arts in Sandpoint, Idaho

How do we successfully navigate these unprecedented, surreal times we find ourselves in during this time of social distancing & isolation? How do we find our center, our authentic groove and come out strong during this time of relentless fear-driven media & anxiety ridden social media? How do we develop a solid daily rhythm to create a healthy balanced energetic field, while being constantly bombarded with stress-inducing news? Every one of us on this planet is struggling with life during the pandemic in some way at this point.

Lucky for us there is a huge tool-box of super simple, do-at-home techniques at our disposal. Everything we need to create optimum health and well-being is already within us! We just have to commit to creating healthy habits and use them daily to walk the path of love, light, creativity and well-being. Let’s invest in ourselves! The choice is totally ours - as we create our own reality at any given moment. Fear and Love cannot co-exist at the same time, as they vibrate at completely different frequencies. It is as though we are tuning into different radio stations - one playing uplifting, soothing music, the other playing destructive, ugly beats. One would propel us into a downward spiral of fear, despair, anxiety, illness - the other into healing, light, love and well-being. Fundamentally, it really is that simple. Let’s look at some of the techniques that we can use daily to facilitate this process.

1. Attitude of Gratitude - 

Upon waking every morning, think of 5 things you are truly grateful for in your life right now. It doesn’t matter how “little” or mundane those things are. Write them down. Write down WHY you are grateful for them and how it makes you feel. Connect with those feelings. Take a few deep belly breaths. Feel the gratitude permeate every cell of your being - smile your internal smile. Gratitude has a very healing vibration. Gratitude invites more good things into your life. By starting out your day with the “Attitude of Gratitude” you are setting up your day for more good things to come to you.

2. Practice Heart Breath - 

Heart breath is one of the most simple and fast Yogic techniques to switch your energetic state to vibratory health. You can use it anywhere, anytime to re-center, re-calibrate, re-connect with your source. Start out with this first thing in the morning while doing your gratitude practice. You inhale deeply into your abdomen, filling it to capacity - then exhale visually through your heart center. You are literally exhaling your heart chakra energy and projecting it outwards. Imagine you are exhaling this beautiful heart chakra energy of unconditional love into all your current worries, anxieties, and tensions and watch them melt into oblivion with your beautiful heart breath. Use this heart breath whenever you feel yourself losing touch with your center and your sense of well-being, or just to give someone a huge heart-centered virtual hug of light.

3. Chant - 

Chanting is a method of healing using sound vibration that completely re-calibrates your brain waves and all your chakras to emanate light and well-being. Chanting was used by the ancient Yogis to raise their vibration to elevated states of consciousness and reach enlightenment. There are many different forms of chanting and each of us will find their own genre they resonate with. Some people start with a simple Universal OM or some may start with a chant that resonates with their personal spiritual/religious or Yogic beliefs. Whatever resonates with you works. I personally love all the chants used in Kundalini Yoga as I have spent the past 20 years infused by their vibration. If you need inspiration to get started, listen to some of the albums by Snatam Kaur, as her chanting is truly divine!

4. Get Outside & Energize with Nature -

Being in nature daily is one of the most healing, re-centering activities we can do for ourselves. Truly connect with yourself, with your breath, with your center and just feel the nurturing energy of Mother Earth giving you her most heart-felt hug. If you absolutely cannot get outside, then go out in your imagination. Create a beautiful place in your mind that is just for you. See it, touch it, smell it, hear it, taste it. The more you use your senses, the more real it will appear to you. Visit your special place in nature daily. Exude a thankful energy while you are connecting with nature. Chant outside - vibrate with Mother Earth. Feel her healing energy surrounding and permeating every cell of your being. 

5. Eat Pure Simple Foods - 

Nurture your body with pure, fresh, organic fruits and veggies, legumes and divine spices daily. Use foods as your daily medicine. Use lots of fresh garlic, ginger, turmeric, oregano and other herbs to give your immune system a healthy boost of natural ani-biotic, anti-viral, anti-fungal daily. Avoid processed, packaged, chemically altered foods that act only as temporary fillers, but do nothing for your health and actually burden our digestive and immune system. Do use Superfoods such as Goji Berries, SuperGreens etc whenever you can. Give thanks to the food you eat, thank Mother Earth. By giving thanks we are raising the vibration of the food we eat thus creating a healing effect on our digestive system. 

Health comes from within. For the most part, it is a choice and a commitment to create it daily. It is not found outside of us. By raising our own vibration we attract true Health to ourselves and create an energetic armor of resilience to disease, stress and anxiety. So, create your own health-bubble. Turn off the news, get off social media and invest in your own well-being instead!

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